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Fair Cleaning Plan

The shared flat is messy again, and the cleaning Plan is being ignored?


In shared flats, you often live with new people whom you may not know well yet. Household and organization play a significant role in getting along. With Flatify, unnecessary stress is avoided because you have all the essential household matters in one app.


Having a proper household plan is essential for families too. You can motivate your kids to do more around the house with the point system. Plus, everyone can see upcoming events in the calendar.


Even as a couple, it's crucial to organize the household together. Who is responsible for which tasks, and what groceries are needed for the next dinner? References

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The flat-sharing app and cleaning schedule app Flatify are the perfect solution if you want to keep track of your household in your shared accommodation. Flatify is valuable for all types of households, whether it's a student flat, a couple, or a family. With the cleaning schedule, you can keep track of who needs to do what tasks, and the ranking shows who contributes the most to the household in your flat. If you have expenses in the flat, input them into the expenses section to ensure everything is divided fairly, and no one forgets their debts. With the shopping list, you always know what items are currently missing in the flat. The calendar ensures you never miss a flat evening or the next roommate casting. With Flatify, you have all the features you need in one flat-sharing app. Find more information about the features in the FAQs

Mehr Informationen zu den Features findet ihr in den FAQs.